Consultation & Demo


Our Value to Customers


AV United approaches every client and projects with a sense of economy by providing industry-standard, high quality & serviceable products.


To further enhance & ensure a personalized solution, we treat every single clients as our valuable business partner & associate. Whether a small private function or supplementing school productions & churches, AV United will design a solution fitting the requirements for business, commercial & government clients.


This in return has strengthened our credibility as an organization that could provide a continuous, wholesome solution while maintaining good relationships with our client, putting us ahead in the market in the long run.




Professional Consultation


Our experience over the years has ensured that we can advise optimal services and products for a variety of venues and application:

  • Touring sound & lighting
  • Hotels, convention and conference venues
  • Theatres, auditoriums & Entertainment complexes
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Houses of worship
  • Studios: TV, Radio & Recording
  • PA and Voice evacuation systems
  • Home entertainment





Personalized Demonstration


Our customers are also able to demo and test the variety of products, giving them confidence that solution they got is the right one.

We provide the space for you to take your time learning the product on hand while our friendly professionals are also on site to guide and educate you on the equipments.



Reach out to us here for consultation and demo requests. Or, you can always drop by our showroom to talk gear and stuff with us.