Delivery Terms

Currently, we can only send orders to street addresses in West and East Malaysia. For deliver to any P.O. Box address, the customer will be responsible to pick up the goods at their respective P.O. Box address.

Shipping to International addresses will be arranged on a case by case basis.

Delivery Policy 
There will be two(2) attempts made to deliver your product/parcel. If at all these two(2) attempts fail, a note will be placed in the recipient’s mailbox. Goods must be collected within 5 working days.


Business Days
Monday – Friday, excluding public holidays and weekends within Malaysia.

Order Processing Time
Orders received between Monday and Friday are processed on the same day. Orders received on Saturday and Sunday are usually processed by the next following Monday morning.

Delivery Service and Times 
Our primary delivery services supported by the courier service provider of DHL eCommerce Malaysia.


The majority of orders shipped to all zones of Malaysia by DHL eCommerce with the tracking number. 


Multiple Address Delivery 
We are currently only able to deliver to one delivery address per order. If you’d like to deliver to multiple addresses, please place a separate order for each delivery address.